Just Got This Email from A Client… Makes Me Proud to Be an Immigration Lawyer

I just got the green card in the mail today. I wanted to express through this email my many:

Thanks and gratitude for all your work and support. I also thought to introduce those of you who haven’t met in the course of this case with a brief and certainly  incomplete description of each person’s contribution.

Neil, has been helping since March 2012.  He has successful represented the case for   I-130 petition approval . He helped with change of venue from Chicago to Memphis/Louisville. He also help with the filing of I-485 with USCIS & immigration court among other things. Most recently he obtained the reopening of the I-485 on the basis of service error  following USCIS initial denial of the application. Thank you for excellent work!

Rebecca  accepted my representation by Catholic Charities in Louisville in December 2013; and has asked Jonathan to represent the case. Thank you  for the excellent consultation that you provided and your contribution  behind the scene.

Jonathan has obtained the termination of the case from Memphis Immigration Court  by engaging the government attorney and more importantly by putting  up the legal argument establishing my admissibility. I read the motion to terminate again and again …. and I am amazed how the language of plea agreement  has been in perfect line with your argument to establish the absence of  the moral turpitude. Thank you for your excellent work !

I have been introduced to Charlie by Neil in spring 2013. Charlie  worked in obtaining  that  my initial convictions be vacated under Padilla Vs Kentucky  and he then negotiated a new plea agreement with the  prosecutor that would not make me inadmissible. A  side story about Charlie: He is known in Campbell County as candy-man because he gives out candies. Hey Charlie : I have a feeling that this holiday season  we are going to give out more candies than usual Thank you for your excellent work !

Hena  argued  for my release on bond  from ICE custody in Chicago during spring 2012. She works for NIJC’s Adult Detention Project in Chicago. I do not have her email to include but she did and excellent work getting me released from ICE.

Murray is a friend. I have known him since Fall 2006. He has proved a resolute support  in many ways. Sometimes, I feel like this case has been  more of his than mine.

Thanks everyone ! May  God bless !