Donald Trump Really Said that ? He Called for Ban of All Muslims Entering the Usa?

Richard Fleischer, Immigration attorney,  chimes in on the latest Donald Trump controversy:

The U. S. Constitution. First Amendment. This is where freedom of religion is found; NOT in Donald Trump’s ranting about prohibiting Moslem’s from entering the US. The First Amendment also give Mr. Trump the right to “free speech”, but does not give him the right to be our next President.

According to the First Amendment , It is prohibited to discriminate on the basis of religion. Countries, yes, but to prohibit entry to the US on the basis of religion, no.

As a practical matter, it would hurt both the image of the US in the eyes of the world and backfire in countries who could do the same thing in preventing people from the US to enter that country, people of any religion. It would help ISIS to recruit new members.

It would trigger a Supreme Court challenge of the first order.

The point is that it shows the true “colors” of Mr. Trump. He would be such a poor president, hurting the US in ways it has never been hurt before, both domestically and internationally.

Worse is that he has so many supporters that believe what he says.  It shows that the US is not so advanced as we hoped it would be, morally anyway. This is the really scary part to me.

Richard Fleischer is founder of the Fleischer Law Firm LLC and has practiced Immigration Law n the United States for the past 40 years. You can email him at