911 Telephone Scammers Threaten to Report Victims to Homeland Security

A new hideous scheme has arisen to hurt people who may be in the US unlawfully or even legally.

Phone scammers using 911 caller ID are threatening to report victims to US Citizenship and Immigration Services or Homeland Security if they do not send money.

Victims are told not to hang up or the police will come to their homes and arrest them.

Callers instruct the victims to use Western union or to get a prepaid MoneyPAK card to send money.

According to officials, the scammers engage in a lot of conversation and have keep victims on the phone for hours.

The USCIS always sends notices by mail and would never call or ask for money.

Victims are being asked not to call 911 to report incidents. Instead they should call the business line of their local law enforcement agency.