Immigration Law resources

The information below is provided to help you with the immigration process.


Our firm uses this online system to help our clients draft the forms the USCIS or Department of Labor require for filing an immigration case. Once the information is submitted electronically to The Fleischer Law Firm LLC, our staff will prepare the forms for you. Once the forms are prepared, we will submit your case with all the supplemental evidence that will hopefully lead to the green card, work permit, or visa you desire.

For a complete list of all USCIS forms, use the link: USCIS Forms

NOTICE – Change of Address

USCIS now has on-line change of address forms, electronic form AR-11. Most non-U.S. citizens in the U.S. are required to notify the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of any change of address within 10 days of moving to a new address. This can now be done electronically if you go to: Homeland Security Change of Address

We urge that this be done and that the results be printed and signed for your records.

Fiancé Visa

Fiancé Info

I-129 for Employers
I-129 for Employees

Beneficiary Info:


Information of Person or Organization Filing Petition

Information about the person the petition is being filed for:

Processing Information


Prospective Employment Information

Family Information


Personal Information

If so, please list them below.

Contact Person Information:

Family Information

Is so, please provide the information below.

Previous U.S. Travel Information

Work, Education, and Training Information

Petitioner Information

Security and Background Information

Social Security Number Information


Contact Information

Information for criminal record search

Marital History

Information About Your Children

Additional Questions

General Questions



Have you EVER been a member of or in any way associated (either directly or indirectly) with:

Continuous Residence

Since becoming a lawful Permanent Resident of the United States:

Good Moral Character

For the purposes of this application, you must answer YES to any of the following questions that apply, even if your records were sealed, cleared or if anyone has told you that you no longer have a record.

Removal, Exclusion, and Deportation Proceedings

Military Service

Selective Service Registration

If you answered "no", skip to question 44.

If you answered "yes", but you did NOT register with the Selective Service System and are still under 26 years of age, you must register before you apply for naturalization, so that you can provide your Selective Service number and the date  you registered.

Oath Requirements



Spouse Information


Information about the Sponsor (You)

Sponsor's Employment:

Tax Information:

9089 for Employers

Employer Information (Headquarters or Main Office)

D. Employer Contact information

This information must be different from the agent or attorney information.

G. Wage Offer Information

H.  Job Opportunity information

(Where the work will be performed)

If the answer to this question in No, the employer must be prepared to provide documentation demonstrating that the job requirements are supported by business necessity. 

If the answer to this question in Yes, the employer must be prepared to provide documentation demonstrating that the job requirements are supported by business necessity. 

I.  Recruitment Information

a. Occupation Type – All must complete this section.
b. Special Recruitment and Documentation Procedures for College and University Teachers – Complete only if the answer to I.a2-A is Yes.
c. Professional/Non-Professional Information – Complete this section unless your answer to question B.1 or I.a.2-A is Yes.
d. Professional Recruitment Information – Complete if the answer to question I.a.1 is Yes or if the answer to I.a.2B is Yes.  Complete at least 3 of the items.
e. General Information – All must complete this section.
9089 for Employees

J.  Alien information

(This information must be different from the agent or attorney information listed in Section E).