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Employer I-9 Compliance

Employers are faced with the often difficult-to-harmonize goals of avoiding any possible civil rights action stemming from illegal discrimination against foreign-born or foreign-looking employees, and avoiding criminal sanctions for using undocumented workers, either as employees or employees of subcontractors. Therefore, an employer must have a comprehensive policy on fulfilling verification requirements for workers on its job sites.

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Any individual who is physically present in the United States, irrespective of status, may receive asylum in the exercise of discretion, provided that he or she timely files an application and qualifies as a refugee, INA §101(a)(42)(A) and INA §208.

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Suing the Government for Agency Delay Increasingly, immigration practitioners and foreign nationals seeking benefits from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) face long delays in application processing. In some instances these delays become unreasonable and can add up to years over the advised processing times quoted by USCIS. In the case of an unreasonable delay, it may ultimately be necessary to bring a civil action against government agencies.

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