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The Fleischer Immigration Law Firm LLC is an Immigration and Naturalization practice group that has been exclusively practicing immigration law for over 40 years. Fleischer Immigration Law Firm LLC is located in Cincinnati, Ohio but represents businesses and individuals all over the United States and throughout the world. Our Firm provides personal client services, as our clients work directly with an experienced immigration attorney, not a paralegal or assistant. No matter the size of your immigration problem, The Fleischer Immigration Practice Group will provide you with a solution at a reasonable price.

  • Neil was recommended by the attorney that took care of my case because she does not live close to my home and it was the best thing that could have happened in my process.

    He is an amazing person, you can feel that he cares for their clients and makes sure that we are prepared and well informed of what will happen throughout the process.

    I could not be happier and I am definitely recommending Neil to whomever needs a good immigration attorney!

    Kleine Dutra Avatar Kleine Dutra
  • Fleischer Law Firm has some very good people on their panel. They are interactive and cooperative. I have found the representatives of this firm as friendlier than most others I have experience of meeting with. Therefore, I would highly recommend this firm for matters related to immigration.

    Waqas Haider Avatar Waqas Haider
  • I got my citizenship approved in a smoother way. Excellent job Neil!!!

    Neil is one of those best lawyers who are hardworking, honest and professional who genuinely want to help you. He clearly has very deep knowledge of immigration law and tremendous experience with the process. He was incredibly thorough in his approach, which likely allows him to prevent any hick-up or surprise down the line. He was also extremely generous with his time, explaining every single step of the process and clearly setting out what I could expect. Neil also accompanied me for the interview, and his presence was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for your service throughout my citizenship process!!!

    Kes Sew Avatar Kes Sew
  • I was represented by Neil Fleischer in my AOS , and he was really helpful from the beginning to the end, making sure that all the correct documents were turned in rightfully. Completely Satisfactory. he is also swift at responding to e-mails

    Bunmi Eko Avatar Bunmi Eko
  • I used the firm to immigrate. His services are fantastic and made the process easy to understand fast and incredibly painless. Constant updates and fast replies made having questions or information a call or email away. I would highly suggest the use of his services to anyone wanting to go through this process from before day one.

    David Pinkney-Atkinson Avatar David Pinkney-Atkinson
  • Neil is an accomplished and very competent attorney. He is up to date with immigration law and will bend over backwards to help you solve your immigration issues. He advised and handled my case with professionalism and everything went as he planned. I would advise you to try him. You won't regret! He is swift in responding to emails and calls. By the way, when you call, you will sure speak to him directly without having to go through someone else to get him. That is always a plus when you need advice asap.

    Nathaniel Olive2010 Avatar [email protected] Olive2010