US Naturalized Citizen of the Day – Tigist

Tigist is originally from Ethiopia . She has been living and working  in the USA legally. She is currently working as an engineer for a local municipality. Last week she became a US citizen. She was able to successfully navigate the US Immigration laws and did things the ” right way” Congrats to her and her family

Naturalized US citizen of the Day is Daniel

Daniel immigrated to the United States 5 years ago… legally. He is  the child of a naturalized citizen.  After working hard and going to school Daniel applied for US citizenship . He case was processed quickly and now he isa US citizen. He is from a great family who has shared their culture , language and knowledge with me. Congrats Daniel!


US Naturalized Citizen of the Day is Abasse from Mali

Abasse came here from Mali to find a better life. He legally immigrated on a legal visa. HE obtained his green card legally. He became a permanent resident . He waited 3 years and applied for US Citizenship. The successfully showed he was a person of good moral character and was eligible for citizenship after showing he  could read and right English and pass a US Civics Test.  Proud to call him a client who did things the right way.


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